Colour Haze - In Her Garden (EH 011)

CD available from March 10th 2017 - DLP available aprox. from May 2017

CD: 13,- EUR      
DLP: 23.-EUR      
DLP, green vinyl, 1000 copies: 28.-EUR  

Carpet - Secret Box (EH 174)

CD available from March 10th 2017 - DLP available aprox. from May 2017

CD: 13,- EUR      
LP: 16.-EUR      
LP, blue Vinyl, 250 copies: 20.-EUR  

Carpet - Elysian Pleasures (EH163)

CD: 13,- EUR        LP: 16,- EUR       LP, limited edition, yellow vinyl: SOLD OUT!

Ahkmed - distance (EH 130)



LP: 16,-EUR   

Colour Haze - Live Vol. 1 - Europa Tournee 2015 (EH060)
Colour HAze - Live Vol. 1 

Finally a first official Live-Album by Colour Haze! the best of the 2015 tour!
Vinyl preorder only - delivery of the LP expected end of July.

2CD: 16,- EUR   

3LP 180gr. black vinyl, 6-page foldout cover book - limited edition 2000 copies: 35,- EUR     

Hidden Trails - Instant Momentary Bliss (EH173)
Hidden Trails - Instant Momentary Bliss 

The new band of former Hypnos 69 members!
Vinyl preorder only - delivery of the LP expected end of July.

CD: 13,- EUR   

LP, FOC, 180g black vinyl: 16,- EUR     

LP, limited edition - 250 copies, 180g green vinyl , FOC: SOLD OUT!

Saturnia - The Real High (EH172)
Saturnia - The Real High 

Vinyl preorder only - delivery of the LP expected end of July.

CD: 13,- EUR   

LP, FOC, 180g black vinyl: 16,- EUR     

LP, limited edition - 250 copies, 180g orange vinyl , FOC: 20,- EUR     

Akhmed - The Inland Sea (EH171)
Akhmed - The Inland Sea 

Vinyl preorder only - delivery of the LP expected end of July.

CD: 13,- EUR   

DLP, FOC, 180g black vinyl: 23,- EUR     

DLP, limited edition - 250 copies, 180g blue vinyl , FOC: SOLD OUT!

Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1 (EH 125)

Causa Sui started a new project in which they`ll release a series of great free psychedelic Hippie-/Stoner-/Spacerock-improvisations on vinyl only. The first release of this new line is "Summer Sessions Vol. 1".

LP: SOLD OUT!!!     CD: 13,-EUR  

Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol.2 LP (EH 134)

Part 2 of the Summer Sessions trilogy

LP: SOLD OUT!     CD: 13,-EUR  

Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol.3 LP (EH 135)

Part 3 of the Summer Sessions trilogyk

LP: SOLD OUT!     CD: 13,-EUR  

Saturnia - Muzak (EH119)
Saturnia - Muzak

"A remarkable blend of late ‘60’s-early seventies prog-rock and psychedelia mix, all with a strong dose of early Floyd running through its veins, as mellotrons, guitars, solid and fluid bass and drum rhythms, acoustic guitar textures, close harmony vocals and more, all combine to paint a veritable masterpiece of a homage to a bygone era that’s not only being recreated to glorious effect, but sounding as though it never went away. With guest appearances from Space Ritual’s Nik Turner & Gong’s Daevid Allen, this is possibly the closest thing to early post-Barrett Pink Floyd that you’ll find. Comparisons aside, it’s a superb album, all the same."

CD: 13,- EUR       LP + 7'': 20,- EUR       LP + 7'': 23,- EUR  

Colour Haze - She Said (EH007)
She said 

DCD: 16,- EUR    

 DLP, 3-panel FOC: 23,- EUR     

DLP,3-panel FOC, limited edition - 1000 handnumbered copies, black vinyl, relief-printed 3-panel FOC: 27,- EUR    

 DLP, limited edition - 1000 handnumbered copies, red or blue vinyl, relief-printed 3-panel FOC: SOLD OUT  

Rotor - s/t (EH 169)
Rotor - s/t

LP Schwarzes Vinyl: 16,-EUR       LP Limited Edition - 220 Stück durchsichtiges Vinyl: SOLD OUT!

The Machine - Offblast! (EH170)
The Machine

CD: 13,-EUR        LP: 16,-EUR        LP limited edition 500 copies green/white-splatter vinyl: SOLD OUT!

Public Animal - Habitat Animal (EH168)
Public Animal

CD: 13,-EUR       LP black vinyl: 16,-EUR       LP Limited Edition - 220 Stück durchsichtiges Vinyl: 20,-EUR  

Cherry Choke - Raising The Waters (EH167)
Cherry Choke

CD: 13,-EUR       LP 180 gr. black vinyl: 16,-EUR       LP limited edition - 140 gr. blue marble vinyl: SOLD OUT!

Carpet - Riot Kiss (EH166)

7'': 8,-EUR  

Colour Haze - To The Highest Gods We Know (EH010)
Colour Haze

CD: 13,-EUR     LP: 16,- EUR  
LP: Limited edition, foldout cover with embossed print, 1000 copies handnumbered black vinyl: 23.-EUR  
LP: Limited edition, foldout cover with embossed print, 1000 copies handnumbered coloured vinyl: SOLD OUT!

Hypnos 69- The Eclectic Measure (EH115)
Hypnos69 - The Eclectic Measure

...Here, they move further, further and further away from their heavier stoner jam conventions, sculpting an incredibly melancholic fine-tuned piece of art. While accurate to a certain extent, comparing Hypnos69 to Motorpsycho, King Crimson and Pink Floyd constantly would be unfair and would be doing them an injustice. It is true that all of these bands have a lot in common musically, but upon careful listens, beautiful subtleties emerge on each band's work. They are indeed in their own category. But beware, it might take some time before you encompass the complete beauty of this work... - Peter Brems


   CD: SOLD OUT!LP: 16,- EUR  

Hypnos 69 - The Intrigue Of Perception (EH 103)

“…Throughout the musicianship is superb and the production rich and deep. One of the best recent heavy psych releases for sure, and "The Intrigue Of Perception" is a mature artistic statement from a band, which has fully realized their potential.”
“…I was expecting to like this album. But I wasn’t prepared to have it become the soundtrack to my life for the last week. These guys a superior musicians, they bring a heightened jazz sensibility to their arrangements…”
“…All the tracks are extremely orchestrated. Their immediacy is over the borders! But if you expect just groovy heavy rock you're wrong. This album sounds psychedelic, sounds jazzy, sounds progressive. It is like a voyage into your deepest musical frontiers. The ideal marriage of heavy rock and fusion, where the saxophone stands by the guitar and the synths.”

CD: 13,- EUR SOLD OUT!   LP: 16,- EUR     

Hypnos96 - Timeline Traveller (EH110)

Timeline Traveller is pure purple retro-rock, so authentic in it's approach to a Nixon-era groove that it makes The Quill sound like nu-metal. And while most bands that explore similar ancient fuzz territories are content to wallow in the bull elephant stoner crunch of Blue Cheer and Cactus, Hypnos 69 seem more influenced by the jazz rock fusion of Coliseum II and ELP's "Tarkus" album, or the galaxy drifting retro-futurism of Van der Graaf Generator. Sure, there's a Fu Manchu-by-way-of-Thin Lizzy riff rawk sensibility to "TT", but Hypnos spend most of their time space truckin', carving out jammy soundscapes and raising them up to Heaven on the wings of a Hammond organ. Heavy-lidded old-school acid rockers will probably see a winking Jesus dancing on Mars when they slip on this headphone melter.

Lemme hear >

CD: SOLD OUT!    LP: 16,- EUR     

Been Obscene - Live (EH164)

Their last concert - brilliant accoustic versions of old and new and unheard songs.
Strictly limited to 200 copies black inyl and 300 copies red vinyl, handnumbered

DLP, black: 35,- EUR     DLP, red: 35,- EUR  

DxBxSx - Kriegserklärung (EH165)

12'' Maxi: 16,- EUR  

Colour Haze - CO2 (EH009)

Estimated availability: 20.04.2014

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR  

Colour Haze - Ewige Blumenkraft (EH008)

CD: 13,- EUR     DLP: 23,- EUR  

DxBxSx - Ihr! Alle! Immer! (EH162)

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR     LP, limited, red vinyl: AUSVERKAUFT!

The Machine / Sungrazer - Split (EH161)

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR     LP, limited, red vinyl: SOLD OUT!

Sgt. Sunshine - III (EH160)

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: SOLD OUT!    LP, 300 limited, blue vinyl: SOLD OUT!

All Them Witches - Our Mother Electricity (EH159)
Our Mother Electricity

Due to a copy/paste mistake with the reorder at the pressing factory another 250 copies of orange vinyl have been produced. Therefore we once make an exception here and raise the limited edition to 540 copies.

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR     

Colour Haze - She Said (EH007)
She said 

DCD: 16,- EUR    

 DLP, 3-panel FOC: 23,- EUR     

DLP,3-panel FOC, limited edition - 1000 handnumbered copies, black vinyl, relief-printed 3-panel FOC: SOLD OUT!   

 DLP, limited edition - 1000 handnumbered copies, red or blue vinyl, relief-printed 3-panel FOC: 3SOLD OUT  

UGH! - Waste (EH158)

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR      LP Limited Edition yellow vinyl: SOLD OUT!   

The Machine - Calmer Than You Are (EH157)

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR      LP Limited Edition clear vinyl: SOLD OUT! 

King Kronos - Soundzilla (EH156)

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR      LP Limited Edition green vinyl: SOLD OUT!   

Ararat - s/t (EH155)

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR     LP, colored vinyl limited edition 250 copies: SOLD OUT! 

Saturnia - AlphaOmegaAlpha (EH154)

DCD: 16,- EUR     DLP: SOLD OUT!    DLP Limited Editionred vinyl: SOLD OUT!  

Rotor - Festsaal Kreuzberg (EH 152)

CD: 13,- EUR    LP FOC, black vinyl: 15,- EUR   

Been Obscene - Night O`Mine (EH 153)

CD: 13,- EUR    LP FOC, black vinyl: 16,- EUR   

LP FOC, 250 limited edition, 250 handnumbered copies, blue vinyl: SOLD OUT!  

Cherry Choke - A Night In The Arms Of Venus (EH 151)

CD: 13,- EUR    

LP FOC with inlay: 16,- EUR    

LP FOC limited edition, red-white-splatter vinyl: SOLD OUT!        

Sungrazer - Mirador (EH 150)

CD: 13,- EUR    LP FOC, black vinyl: 16,- EUR   

LP FOC, limited edition, 250 handnumbered copies, blue vinyl: SOLD OUT!

The Dawn Band - Agents od Sentimentality (EH 148)

CD: 13,- EUR  

DxBxSx - Zugriff (EH 149)

LP: 16,- EUR   

The Machine - Drie (EH 147)

CD: 13,- EUR     DLP: 23,- EUR   

SOLD OUT! DLP: 26,- EUR limited edition, 250 handnumbered copies, red vinyl  

The Kings of Frog Island - III (EH 143)

CD: 13,- EUR    LP: SOLD OUT!  

Sungrazer - s/t (EH 146)

CD: 13,- EUR    LP: 16,- EUR   

Hypnos 69 - Legacy (EH 145)

CD: 13,- EUR    DLP: FOC, black 180gr. Vinyl 22.-   

DLP:FOC, orange 180gr. Vinyl, limited edition, 250 handnumbered copies SOLD OUT!   

Rotor - 4 (EH 144)

CD: 13,- EUR      LP: black 180gr. Vinyl, FOC 16.-  

LP: green 180gr. Vinyl, FOC, limited edition, 250 copies: SOLD OUT!  

LP: transparent 180gr. Vinyl, limited edition, 250 handnumbered: SOLD OUT!

Been Obscene - The Magic Tabledance (EH 142)

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR  

LP: transparent 180gr. Vinyl, limited edition, SOLD OUT!  

My Sleeping Karma - tri (EH 141)

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR  

Josiah - Procession (EH 138)

CD: 13,- EUR      LP: 16,- EUR  

Highway Child - Sanctuary come (EH 140)

CD: 13,- EUR      LP: 16,- EUR  

Causa Sui - Summer Sessions Vol. 1-3 (EH 139)


3CD: SOLD OUT!    3LP: 23,- EUR  

Phased - A Sort Of Spasmic Phlegm Induced By Leaden Fumes Of Pleasure (EH 137)
Phased - A Sort Of Spasmic Phlegm Induced By Leaden Fumes Of Pleasure (EH 137)


CD: 13,- EUR    

Los Natas - Delmar (EH 136)


LP 180gr. black vinyl, ltd. and handnumbered to 650 copies: SOLD OUT!!!    

LP 180gr. orange vinyl, ltd. and handnumbered to 260 copies: SOLD OUT!!!    

Saturnia - Hydrophonic Gardening (EH 133)


CD: 13,- EUR    

Saturnia - The Glitter Odd CD (EH 132)


CD: 13,- EUR    

Saturnia - s/t CD (EH 131)


CD: 13,- EUR    

Colour Haze - Burg Herzberg July 18th 2008 Live DCD (VBH 025)
Burg Herzberg Live



Highway Child - On The Old Kings Road (EH 129)



Cherry Choke - s/t (EH 128)

Cherry Choke play hard rockin’, ultra heavy, Blue Cheer/Hendrix inspired, psychedelic rock. Their signature sound of molten guitars hyped up on cheap and noisy effect pedals, heavy Gibson bass and sonic drum attack offers an acidic orgy for the mind and body… add singer Mat Bethancourt (Josiah/Kings Of Frog Island) who rasps with a garage band’s untutored authority and you have got yourself one hell of a group ...

CD: 13,- EUR    LP: 16,- EUR  

Los Natas - Ciudad de Brahman (EH 127)


LP - Black Vinyl: SOLD OUT!    LP - Yellow Vinyl: SOLD OUT!!!  

The Kings of Frog Island - II (EH 124)

CD: SOLD OUT!     LP, limited edition (1000), 180gr vinly: SOLD OUT!!!  

My Sleeping Karma - Satya (EH 126)
into the outside

CD: 13,- EUR    LP: 16,- EUR  

Josiah - Into the Outside (EH 113)
into the outside

The fantastic 2. album by UK`s kings of Fuzzrock. Remastered rerelease with 2 bonus-tracks, limited to 500 CD only...

CD: 13,- EUR    

Colour Haze - All (EH 006)

Colour Haze’s “All” lives up to its name. It seems to capture practically “All” of Colour Haze’s reach and breadth in one single amazing disc. Each album they have released has been, to me, a cause of celebration. But this one is a revelation—never before have they ever packed so much range into an album, and such a superb blend of studio precision and free flowing abandon. This album adds even more psychedelia (was that possible?) to the mix, along with the most effective set of shorter songs they’ve ever released.

CD: 13,- EUR     DLP regular edition: 2 x 180gr. Vinyl, heavy FOC: 23.- EUR  
DLP limited luxury edition:  SOLD OUT!

Josiah - s/t (EH 112)

The first Josiah Album including the Stoner Über-song "Malpaso"...Maybe their best and for sure a must have! Remastered rerelease limited to each 500 CD and - for the first time - LP. CD with two bonus tracks, LP handnumbered and of course 180gr. high-quality pressing and heavy sleeve

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: SOLD OUT!

RotoR - 3 (EH 123)
Rotor 3

Still one of the most underrated bands in the worldwide Rock-scene – but for sure one of the most gifted, unique and talented. And on their new album they really show off! An irresitable koloss of groove, heavy riffs and delicate jazzy playing - as it hasn`t been heard so far! For sure The Instrumental Rock-album of the year and another milestone on Elektrohasch. A must for all friends of the Heavy and Psychedelic!

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR  

Causa Sui - Free Ride (EH 122)
Free Ride

Causa Sui is four danes in their early/mid-twenties, who have made and released music together since before they were teenagers in various genres.
Causa Sui is not the hipsters unintelligent 60ies-look nostagia music, not a scholars sad search for the most complex of compositions, nor a neanderthal take on sludgy riffs. This is free music – all written, shaped, played and produced by the band during 9 months of isolation.
Imagine the furious haze of manic Hendrix and Blue Cheer jamming with a young Iggy Pop, recorded and seamlessly layered by krautrockers Can. It’s untamed music picked up from the late 60ies, not looking back at zeitgeists and other limitations, picking up different trails on the way, wrapped in a complex, but soundwise warm and simple jacket.


Josiah - No Time (EH 121)
No Time

On their 3rd studioalbum Josiah celebrate the finest dirty and hard Fuzzrock. Heavy riffs which remind of the birth of Heavy Metal in the eraly 70s, grooving, dry and direct. This is their darkest album so far with lyrics focussing on all the weird and frightening things that surround us today, the music reflecting the threatening apocalypse. And with this Sie Beasley (Bass/vocals), Mat Bethancourt (Guitar/vocals) and Keith Beacom (Drums) transport the sound and feeling of the early Heavy Rock into now. In the meantime they became one of the leading british bands in the international Stoner- and Fuzzrock scene.


CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR  

Sgt. Sunshine - Black Hole (EH 118)
Black Hole

Sgt. Sunshine has made one hell of an impact for having only one album to its name for a long time. This praise was swirling even before the self-titled debut was officially released, I might add. It’s like one unforgettable desert rock anthem after another on their first album. There’s an undeniable vibe of love, peace and respect in the music they play. Finally here is the highly anticipated follow up. And they moved on, mixed 60s Psychedelic with early 90s Alternative-Tentacles-style madness based on their trademark Stoner-roots – to create this completely unique and brilliant musical statement!



The Beginning - This Is The Beginning (EH 114)
The Beginning

The Beginnning are one of the great lost wonders of psychedelic rock. Their only album This is... was forgotten and lay dormant until it was uncovered by Molten Records. Sold out soon it`s now available again on Elektrohasch. For the first time also on vinyl, it contains a mind altering selection of acid guitar music mixing rock 'n' roll grooves with a twin lead guitar attack. Flashes of the ever-so-fluid San Francisco psychedelic improvisation merge with hard edged Detroit rock and hip stoned grooviness. The overall result is a sound that's part Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Yesterdays Children and Quicksilver Messenger Service..


Sgt. Sunshine (EH117)
Sgt Sunshine

A true Stonerrock-classic and one of the best albums in this genre of all time - For sure a must for every fan of heavy psychedelic guitar music. Remastert rerelease on 180gr. Vinyl, limited and handnumbered 500 copies.


LP: 16,- EUR  !!!SOLD OUT!!!

My Sleeping Karma - s/t (EH120)
My Sleeping Karma - s/t

It's rock. It's mixed emotions. It's four dudes from the middle of nowhere doin' their thing. Rock music with charming character. Retro, psychedelic, groovy, organic. Simple as it can be. Guitar, bass, drums in love with a "soundboard". Transporting their emotions, voiceless but with lots of messages. Take your time and get your trip...chill and rock is one family!
My Sleeping Karma just released their 6-track self-titled debut album. Get it while it's hot!

Das will ich hören >

CD: 13,- EUR    LP: 16,- EUR  

Phased - Medications (EH116)
Phased - Medications

Phased – 3 musicians, 3 instruments, 1 sound. A collision of Sabbath-like heaviness and spacey Hawkwind riffage; the sunburned desert meets the blackness of doom. Walls of guitars and droning bass-lines team up with tribal rhythms and melt into a maelstrom of sound Phased call psychedelic deathrock. Heavy and oft monotonous riffs, misanthropic barking vocals – it is plain obvious this sinister package delves in the darker sides of reality. But make no mistake; song-titles such as «Woke Up This Morning And Gave Myself Head» are but one hint you’re dealing with intellectual shoeshine boys of the humorous kind. These are simply not some retarded and brainless dope-heads.

Lemme hear >

CD: 13,- EUR  

Colour Haze - Tempel (EH005)
Colour Haze - Tempel

Colour Haze is one of the planet's foremost practitioners of heavy psychedelia. The group are master musicians, cinematically conjuring visions from the air using melody, intelligence, and pure musical chops as their tools. Colour Haze has produced another masterwork. One of the year's best!

Lemme hear >

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR  

Hainloose - Burden State (EH111)

10 groove rock freakouts with a southern flavour, between edgy blues and straight stonerriffs.
Imagine the best of bands like FuManchu, the later COC, Allman Brothers or ZZ-Top shook up into a tasty cocktail of monster riffs and catchy vocals then served in a fresh new  way. With "Burden State" Hainloose have established a recognizable sound of their own, which – with the sheer quality of their songwriting and musicianship – sets them miles apart from any dispossable me-too artists of the stonerscene.

Lemme hear >

CD: 13,- EUR  

Nixon Now - Altamont Nation Express (EH109)

Nixon Now play high-energy Rock - the way it could have been made in Detroit 1969, in London 1977, or 1989 in Seattle as well.
Among their fans are Michael Davis of the revived MC5, the legendary Thee Hypnotics or Nicke Royale of the Hellacopters.
Everybody who has seen the furious four live knows why.

Lemme hear >

CD: 13,- EUR  

UGH! - Meat Fairies (EH108)

"Another Elektrohasch release and no, it is not a prejudice at all but “Meat Fairies” is one of the best, most intelligent and anticonformistic heavy rock albums I have heard lately ... Yeah, I know, “Ugh!” is the only word you will utter just before pushing the repeat button." (MONOLITH)

"It's like the Zen donut which goes into your mouth easily, but once there, you can neither swallow it or spit it out. It has you!" (Jowcol)

Lemme hear >


Sula Bassana - Dreamer (EH106)

“…This is the solo project of Dave, the bass player in Liquid Visions, Zone Six and the now defunkt, Growing Seeds. He plays all the instruments on this fantastic psychdelic adventure of an LP. What an excellent release. One of the best psychedelic releases of 2002 that I have heard!”
“…This is the real space rock deal, gathering together all the best from the past and melding it into a contemporary-sounding document. I can't wait to hear more from Dave's various projects. So if you want to explore the astral realms without invoking the Sabbath you know and love, strap on your oxygen mask and get into stoner's OTHER white meat: Space.”



The Kings Of Frog Island - s/t (EH107)

“…TKOFI is a bright, literate, affectionate take on hard garage psychedelia, emphasizing the psych salad days of the early 70s and the evil drug underground of the early 90s – Kevin Mc Hugh
This disc has no weak tracks -- everyone is a winner. It is a pleasure to listen to and is one of the best things that I have heard so far this year. For fans of MONSTER MAGNET, KYUSS, SOUNDGARDEN, MUDHONEY, BLUE CHEER, HENDRIX and BLACK SABBATH...that is everybody isn’t it? So everybody check this album out.”
“…The Kings Of Frog Island’s particular brand of rudimentary psychedelia, blended with stirring acoustics and the occasional fit of stoner thrust, makes this self-titled debut a must have.”

CD: SOLD OUT!!!     LP: SOLD OUT!!!  

Rotor - Rotor 2 (EH105)

“…This is an amazingly cool release that really grows on you with repeated listens and you hear new things each time you experience it.”
“…After listening to it intensively for two weeks this has started to sound like one of the best albums I’ve heard for a while!”
“…This is a ferocious slice of distorted riffing and turbo charged wah-pedal action, which stampedes through you like a herd of buffalo chasing the sun. On ‘Erlicht’ an eastern flavour is introduced, the lyrics sung in Persian, the song taking on a heavy psychedelic aura creating a space-rock masterpiece for the grunge generation.”

CD: currently not available - will be reprinted

Colour Haze - s/t (EH003)

“…Colour Haze have really hit their stride with this, their 7th album. There’s an aura about it which completely sets it aside from not only the rest of the Colour Haze catalogue but pretty much everything else that’s around right now. Jazz-flecked rock with driving bass riffs and some beautifully modulated guitar-work which periodically flares up into a firestorm of bite, good taste and colourfulness like watching a controlled explosion in a fruit factory.”
“…There's a few bands I know that can handle the achievments of heavy psych as naturally and dexterously as COLOUR HAZE. So be it. Recommended to people with taste!”
“…Germany's Colour Haze are true masters of their form. This comes through in their skillful use of dynamics, top-notch musicianship, and honest-to-god passion that these fellas pour into their music. It is this display of excellent musicianship combined with damn good songwriting that makes this release such a glorious escape.”
“…This album simply blows me away to the point where its almost like a religious experience.”

CD: 13,- EUR     LP: 16,- EUR  

Los Natas - München Sessions (EH 104)

“This is essential listening for fans of either Los Natas or Colour Haze. Or heavy psychedelia in general. And that means you, if you know what's good for you. Why? Because this sound represents two of the planet's best heavy psych bands, that’s why. Having fun, getting heavy, and practicing telepathy. Believe me, you'll be so lost in the jamming that you'll hardly know it when the bowl is cooked.”
“…This album was recorded in a single day on October 2003, and exact this spontaneous energy and vibe is the strength of "München Sessions". Some of the tracks had been released on previous LOS NATAS records, but they were clever enough to come up with alternative versions. It's a sprawling double set, where the free flowing jams often trip out on their own momentum and despite being mostly spaced out over the whole side of the discs, "München Sessions" lost none of its heavy hypnotic power. This mixture of trippy latin mysticism and spaced-out Blue Cheer-isms is still unbelievable heavy and never sounded so good as here.”

DCD: 16,- EUR     DLP: SOLD OUT!

Hypnos 69 / Colour Haze Split 10" (EH 091)

“Colour Haze starts with Flowers (also on the new self titled CD), and it is a mostly acoustic number that is built on a fantastic bass line. Amo Te, is exclusive to this release and like a follow up to the "Where the skies End" track from Los Sounds de Krauts. Stefan plays some fantastic guitar on this one. The Hypnos69 provide The Forrest of Illusion in two parts. When Fire makes you Dance starts it off and it is a slowly building track with a fantastic sound production. It creates a great mood this music. I think this band is highly influenced by Motorpsycho and fans of Motorpsycho should for sure check out the bands latest material. A fantastic side of music that slowly builds and keeps a great melodic line as it gets heavier! Cool stuff.“
Limited to 1000 copies, handnumbered.

10": SOLD OUT!!!

Colour Haze - Los Sounds De Krauts (EH 001)

“…The collective talents of Colour Haze are remarkable... a creative juggernaut of heavy psych stylings, jazz didactic and swirling soundscapes. Flat out and without question, Colour Haze are the best heavy psych band out today, maybe one of the best bands in this current day of rock n' roll in general.”
“…I voted last year's effort by Colour Haze, 'Los Sounds de Krauts' as the best album of 2003. IMO it was a nearly faultless collection of heavy psychedelia, an X-factor synergy acknowledging the best of their spacy Krautrock roots while using that as a springboard, blending it with desert sounds to create some of the best contemporary psych ever. That astonishing album made alot of converts, and deservedly so.”



Colour Haze - Periscope LP (EH 002)

“…Periscope was the first album released by the current lineup of Colour Haze. Non-traditional song structures with long instrumental interludes, fluid, melodically and rhythmically inventive bass lines, varied and intricate drum work, and long, fluid guitar lines that seem to combine the patience and intonation of David Gilmour with the purple expressiveness of Hendrix. If you have enjoyed their most recent albums, you need to get a hold of this one. “
180gr. Vinyl, heavy sleeve, limited to 1000 handnumbered copies…

CD 13.- EUR      LP: SOLD OUT!

Gas Giant / Colour Haze Split 7" (EH 090)

Split Single with an exclusive rocking track by the danish spacelords and the only vinyl-version of “Mountain” from the new Colour Haze album. Malleus cover. Limited to 1000 copies.


Gasgiant - Mana CD (EH 102)

“…With "Mana", GAS GIANT are back to pulverize your brain. The took the listener into a melodic sonic maelstrom, where one don't need any natural substances like weed or shrooms to get high. Of course, everything is here ... the fuzzed out guitars, tons of reverb and ass-shaking grooves and a charasmatic lead singer.”


CD: 13,- EUR  

Hainloose - Rosula (EH 101)

“…This awesome CD from HAINLOOSE completes the triumvirate of rock mayhem spewing forth from Mount Elektrohasch. How sweet is it? How about Pepper and Woody from C.O.C. joining FU MANCHU for an album? Sound good? You have no idea! The trippy blooze of "Rockamuly" bubbles along like quality ALICE COOPER GROUP circa "Easy Action" or something. "Safit" is pure Bob Balch drivin'-the-El-Camino salvation. And the closer "Rains of July" will getcha heart goin' faster than you can say "Deliverance" or "In Search of..."!!!! Mario's leads are stunning, right up there with Balch or Weatherman all the way.”


UGH! - Metaustrat (EH 100)

“…UGH mix so many influences that you can’t understand if Metaustrat is a regular record or a collection of their best songs, written in different times. Every style that could be filed under rock music is present. Punk, blues, noise, psychedelic even grunge metal offer you a (pagan) ride you can’t deny. Listen to “Deep Red River”, one of the greatest rock songs ever written. It’s like Suicide met Sleep, smoked joints and joined powers for a strange sludge rock’n’roll jam. The sax on “Fatburner”. The additive riff on “Terminus”.UGH’s approach at song crafting is unique to say the least.”

CD: 13,- EUR  


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