Hypnos 69 - cd

The Intrigue Of Perception
Artnr.: EH 103 - cd

“…Throughout the musicianship is superb and the production rich and deep. One of the best recent heavy psych releases for sure, and "The Intrigue Of Perception" is a mature artistic statement from a band, which has fully realized their potential.”
“…I was expecting to like this album. But I wasn’t prepared to have it become the soundtrack to my life for the last week. These guys a superior musicians, they bring a heightened jazz sensibility to their arrangements…”
“…All the tracks are extremely orchestrated. Their immediacy is over the borders! But if you expect just groovy heavy rock you're wrong. This album sounds psychedelic, sounds jazzy, sounds progressive. It is like a voyage into your deepest musical frontiers. The ideal marriage of heavy rock and fusion, where the saxophone stands by the guitar and the synths.”

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