Elektrohasch Records

Newsletter Spring 2018


Dear friends,

It has been quite a while since my last newsletter and though there are no new releases yet, I haven‘t been lazy:


new websites

First of all a couple of months ago a completely new webshop replaced the antique (from 2003…) page at www.elektrohasch.de. Also the Colour Haze site www.colourhaze.de was overhauled and features besides a shop now new content such as lyrics and guitar-tabs. T-Shirts and Hi-Res downloads (more about that below) are available now at the new sites as well.

Colour Haze with keyboardist Jan Faszbender & European Tour 2018

As the collaboration with Jan Faszbender on keyboards for In Her Garden went so wonderful we extended and now work on new music together with Jan. Whenever possible Jan will also join us on stage – as he will do for the upcoming European Tour:
11.05. - AT – Wien, Arena + My Sleeping Karma
12.05. - AT – Graz – PPC + My Sleeping Karma
13.05. - CRO – Zagreb, Kset
14.05. - IT – Venezia – Scorze, Novak
15.05. - IT – Savonna, Raindogs
16.05. - F – tba
17.05. - ES – Barcelona, Razzmatazz 3
18.05. - ES – Madrid, Nazca
19.05. - POR – Porto, Hard Club
20.05. - ES – Bilbao, Stage Live
21.05. - F – Nantes, Le Ferreilleur
22.05. - UK – London – The Garage
23.05. - UK - tba
24.05. - UK – Manchester – Rebellion
25.05. - B – Hasselt, Muzikodrom
26.05. - GER – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof + My Sleeping Karma

erster fixer Open Air Termin ist: 03.08. - Gößnitz

Colour Haze downloads and remasters

One by one we‘ll release all Colour Haze records as Hi-Resolution Files in superb 24bit – 96kHz studio quality - only available directly from us at www.elektrohasch.de and www.colourhaze.de – of course including artwork. First releases are In Her Garden and She Said.

Because our previous digital masters have been converted in the samplerate-rail of 44,1 kHz / 88,2 kHz I won‘t just convert these in a cheap manner to 96 kHz (with loss in audio quality) but use the better than ever new mastering possibilities in the Colour Haze studio to improve the sonic quality of our work whenever possibel. In a side effect I‘ll also get better masters for CD & LP by this in most cases - which I intend to use when a reprint is due. On purpose I don‘t want to make any „remaster!“-fuzz about this. But drop me a line if this is actually of interest for you and you‘d like to see it pointed out on the new version of the CD or LP more visible.

The In Her Garden download uses the vinyl-master, the CD though will get a new fresher sounding master for the upcoming reprint – including the final „Black Lily“-version of the vinyl….
She Said has been completely remastered. We are sure it‘s a great improvement so the CD and LP will get these new masters as well with a reprint
To The Highest Gods We Know somewhat suffered from the rush when the city of Munich kicked us out. At the moment I‘m remixing (and „resinging“) Circles, Überall and Call so these songs may finally come across as good as I‘m sure they actually are. This will be up next in the downloads….

After long troubles we managed to restore nearly all the old digital data of the Los Sounds De Krauts sessions so finally a remixed release of this album will happen this year – CD, LP and download...
For the same reason of broken or incomplete data the rerelease of Periscope is on hold, we work on it and will see what is possible….

A word about mp3 download-codes for LP-purchase:
from the very few requests I get I see that the demand for this is way lower than the download-code-hype tells. As a one-man company it would create so much more work and exspenses to add download-codes to an LP that the price for the customer in the end would rise for 25% if I would also keep my best-quality vinyl.
But we discussed this a lot and as mp3 are practical but soundwise …, we actually don‘t get paid by the usual shops and our albums float around the net for free anyway… well, we simply give a shit: one by one we‘ll set up all our albums for free mp3 download with the possibility of a donation – if you bought the Hi-Res, LP or CD (and even if a long time ago) – thank you! please take it for free – if you only want the mp3 please mind we don‘t really make money with Colour Haze (all of us have regular full-time jobs and family) and honor our hard work over all these years with a little donation ; )

Hypnos 69 – all albums rereleased on CD

As there still was some request for the Hypnos 69 albums on CD I reprinted all four Elektrohasch releases in a last run of 500 copies each – the LP-version will stay available of course

Saturnia now a band! – The Seance Tapes CD & DLP

Exceptional Portugese artist Luis Simoes expanded his soloproject Saturnia with a drummer and a keyboardist and finally will perform live with a real band...
To start the new Saturnia the band recorded a gigantic „Best Off“ live to tape in studio – less electronic but still reaching for the future – and really psychedelic. The Seance Tapes will be released at Elektrohasch as CD and DLP soon

lovely regards
Stefan Koglek