Colour Haze

Los Sounds De Krauts
EH 001 - lp

Elektrohasch Records EH 001

“…The collective talents of Colour Haze are remarkable... a creative juggernaut of heavy psych stylings, jazz didactic and swirling soundscapes. Flat out and without question, Colour Haze are the best heavy psych band out today, maybe one of the best bands in this current day of rock n' roll in general.”
“…I voted last year's effort by Colour Haze, 'Los Sounds de Krauts' as the best album of 2003. IMO it was a nearly faultless collection of heavy psychedelia, an X-factor synergy acknowledging the best of their spacy Krautrock roots while using that as a springboard, blending it with desert sounds to create some of the best contemporary psych ever. That astonishing album made alot of converts, and deservedly so.”


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