Hypnos 69 / Colour Haze

EH 091 - split

“Colour Haze starts with Flowers (also on the new self titled CD), and it is a mostly acoustic number that is built on a fantastic bass line. Amo Te, is exclusive to this release and like a follow up to the "Where the skies End" track from Los Sounds de Krauts. Stefan plays some fantastic guitar on this one. The Hypnos69 provide The Forrest of Illusion in two parts. When Fire makes you Dance starts it off and it is a slowly building track with a fantastic sound production. It creates a great mood this music. I think this band is highly influenced by Motorpsycho and fans of Motorpsycho should for sure check out the bands latest material. A fantastic side of music that slowly builds and keeps a great melodic line as it gets heavier! Cool stuff.“

Limited to 1000 copies, handnumbered.

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