Nixon Now

The Now Sound
Artnr.: EH 176 - LP

Release: 02.11.2018

LABEL: Elektrohasch Schallplatten |
DISTRIBUTION: Sonic Rendezvous |

FILE UNDER: Garage | Rock | Punk | Fuzz
FOR FANS OF: MC5 | The Stooges | The Hellacopters | Iggy Pop

Sweat drips down from the ceiling of the complete packed club.
The smell of beer and weed is in the air, while the band plays it’s encore and all the people go crazy...

This is how the first tunes of THE NOW SOUND sound like.

It it has been 13 years since NIXON NOW out of Hamburg, Gemany released their last album.
There has been much bottled up since then which is now beeing fired as uncomplicated declaration of love for the `69 Detroid rock sound.

That is just right and necessary nowadays!

THE NOW SOUND was recorded without much frippery on just one big weekend in Hamburg, Germany.
This kind of music has to be recorded that way - impulsively and raw.

NIXON NOW have licked that perfectly and created a great and dirty soundmonster with retro-charm and also zeitgeist.

The album will be released on vinyl only.
This is why the promotion is complete digital.

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Nixon Now

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